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  • Thu, 19:49: Pls RT! Their goal is $5000 to help their baby daughter. She has Aicardi Syndrome & needs expensive medicine
  • Thu, 19:51: RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Obama:”I will never turn Medicare into a voucher. No American should have to spend their golden years at the mercy o …
  • Thu, 19:57: RT @happynerdjohn: Just one more day to enter! Hey, it’s free and it’s easy… Sword of Angels Book Giveaway
  • Thu, 20:08: RT @dcwomenkicknass: The DNC convention audience looks like America.
  • Thu, 20:16: RT @TheBrandonShire: A 24 hour hotline for Homeless Atlanta LGBT Youth in need of immediate assistance. Call or text 678-856-7825 http:/ …
  • Thu, 20:22: This story makes my chest hurt. Not just my heart, but my whole chest, like someone’s squeezing all the feelings out of me D’:
  • Thu, 20:24: I’ve told this chick before that she needs to publish some original shit. She just gets better and better… Wow.
  • Thu, 20:37: “This ‘Facebook’, what is it? And why does it complicate our relationship?”
  • Thu, 20:46: Back to editing this story. It makes me feel sad 😦 But here’s the cover —
  • Thu, 20:48: Maybe that pink is a little over the top. Thoughts? “Dandelion: 1988” by Harper Kingsley



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