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  • Sun, 12:29: Working on my sci-fi entry for GR
  • Sun, 17:22: RT @RachelintheOC: Not a blogger? Check this out: 70% of people (millions surveyed by @Hubspot & @DanZarrella) purchase books cuz of …
  • Sun, 17:23: RT @DanaDelamar: Pls RT: Massive #romance blog hop, 8/31-9/3! Over 200 prizes, including a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet!
  • Sun, 17:25: I feel like kind of a tool when I retweet something that’s already expired. Pls include a date on your “Pls Rt this!'” msgs. Thanks.
  • Sun, 17:37: I don’t know Emily Giffin & now I don’t want to “Authors Behaving Badly: How I Pissed Off Legions of Emily Giffin Fans”
  • Sun, 17:56: When I read a recipe out loud I do it in a Julia Child’s voice. I loved Meryl Streep as Julia & wish they could have done more of her
  • Sun, 17:57: I didn’t enjoy the Julie bits as much & fast-forwarded to more Julia Child. Would have been cool to have all the spy stuff & more backstory
  • Sun, 18:00: Dude,make ur name bigger on ur cover.I can’t see what the author’s name is on this book…cool cover tho.”Right of the Soil” by Cindy Am– ?
  • Sun, 18:06: I love Stephen Fanuka’s Million Dollar Contractor on DIY Network, so I REALLY want this book, “What’s a Homeowner To Do?” #DIY #book
  • Sun, 18:12: RT @happynerdjohn: The Hundredth Kill – A Short Story by John Marco via @amazon

  • Sun, 18:17: Sometimes I’ll eat a whole package of Knorrs spanish rice all by myself. I also love the Spanish rice in Banquet enchilada meals
  • Sun, 21:55: I hate being told to watch something by popular demand, but I finally saw “The Hunger Games” & it was a rly good movie. Where’s the rest? 🙂
  • Sun, 22:22: RT @pipervaughn: @HarperKingsley0 Book was better. 🙂 But then I think that for movies made from books like 99% of the time. 😛
  • Sun, 22:33: Kate Hawkins cover got stolen. Can’t she sue the other author? “Authors Behaving Badly: Stealing” art
  • Sun, 22:36: I mean, Roni Loren’s situation was unfortunate, but couldn’t Kate Hawkins sue the cover thief since she paid for exclusive usage?
  • Mon, 00:05: Pandorum is playing on SyFy channel right now. It just started like 5 minutes ago if u wanna get in on this 🙂 #movie
  • Mon, 01:04: I like how Pandorum handles the future.It’s a ship heading to a new world & it’s not populated solely by American-English speaking white ppl
  • Mon, 01:05: I think that’s how it would rly b. There would b ppl talking all kinds of languages & they’d b from all around the world.
  • Mon, 01:07: If the computer that runs the translator programs/implants in Star Trek broke down, is there some kind of Basic language everyone knows?
  • Mon, 01:11: I want the Perfect Tortilla Pans. Someone buy them for me. Plus that super sweet Cut ‘N Cup. That Slap Chop thing was more like a CRAP Chop.
  • Mon, 01:19: I like how it took that much work to kill ONE of those things in Pandorum. It would suck so bad srsly facing a whole pack of them
  • Mon, 01:21: It’d b like running into a room & finding 20 terminators. Sure, u could nearly half die & manage 2kill ONE if u were Sarah Connor, but 20?
  • Mon, 01:25: I just think there would be a moment when u’d just b like “WTF?” U’d need at least 10 mins u don’t have to recoup RT @JamesCullenB: try
  • Mon, 01:30: Ash from Army of Darkness is more my speed. “This is my BOOM stick!” RT @JamesCullenB: Sparta that shit
  • Mon, 01:30: RT @LTMuscato: I’m seeing posts that read: “Remember when gas was $2.50 a gallon?” I’m thinking, “Please bitch, I remember when it was 8 …
  • Mon, 01:31: I RTd that last one bc my brain automatically tacked on “Bam! Now you all just got a taste of the Bitch Pudding.”
  • Mon, 01:33: RT @JamesCullenB: @HarperKingsley0 dope! What about @R_Roddy_Piper in THEY LIVE “I came here to kick some ass and chew bubble gum and I’ …
  • Mon, 01:39: RT @RayneHall: WRITING SCARY SCENES ebook for authors (not suitable for beginners) Kindle US: UK:
  • Mon, 01:46: RT @Risquesreviews: Pssst Get Ready to Go “Balls to the Wall”! via @taralain
  • Mon, 01:49: Those things must b rly effen stupid. They weren’t even that far away yet didn’t see where they went? Rly? #Pandorum
  • Mon, 01:50: You would not believe the amount of ppl I’ve had ask me to explain Pandorum to them. Like even other sci-fi nerds. It’s weird
  • Mon, 01:52: RT @aspeed: @HarperKingsley0 Are you talking about the movie Pandorum? Dear god, I hated that damn film.
  • Mon, 01:56: They’re wearing ppl leather on Pandorum. Makes sense tho — what other resources do they have aboard ship? Ppl to them are livestock
  • Mon, 01:59: They’re probly so radiated at that point that none of them will b able to have any kids #Pandorum
  • Mon, 02:05: So I’m kinda half tooling around on my GSFG story. I kinda have the MC being a member of the space age’s version of Greenpeace
  • Mon, 02:06: He and his buddy Steve fly around to protests & they sometimes ferry other group members around. Their ship is kind of crappy & they crash
  • Mon, 02:07: If u read the little excerpt,Steve is the dead guy.So now MC’s all alone, except another ship crashes & it’s got a naga on board – the enemy
  • Mon, 02:10: So humans & nagas are at war & it’s kind of a big deal, except MC is a space hippy & a little out of touch. He knows nagas are bad
  • Mon, 02:12: but it’s a v distant war to him. He’s scared, but he’s able to deal w/it. & the naga can make himself look human, like a good friend
  • Mon, 02:15: Imagine a scared, lonely guy crash landed on some planet. There’s no way he would turn a friend away, esp one that likes to play w/his mind
  • Mon, 02:27: Is there ever going to be a sequel? I think life on Tanis would be cool to see, esp w/their population loss
  • Mon, 02:32: “Darkness” w/Anna Paquin is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. It was like, This is boring, this is boring, lalala
  • Mon, 02:32: then “Oh my God I’m so scared!” I turned on all the lights in the house & couldn’t go to sleep. It crept up on me
  • Mon, 02:38: Does anyone like reading mm space prince alien romance stories that aren’t complete crack (just a moderate amount)? Am I alone in that?
  • Mon, 03:12: RT @Kiriska: One good thing about painting in the middle of the night is that no one’s awake to be annoyed at my WIP tweets. #Loki http: …
  • Mon, 03:44: Geez, my brain is rushing w/stories I want to read. It just sucks when no one’s written them yet.
  • Mon, 03:47: RT @pipervaughn: @HarperKingsley0 Dude… Course I know nothing about boxing, but… Yes, yes… I have an idea. >:D
  • Mon, 03:52: Seriously, would you want a surgeon that was completely complacent and never thought there was more to know?
  • Mon, 03:54: I gotta go to bed @pipervaughn. I’ll talk to you later 🙂
  • Mon, 08:15: Oh wow, I want to sign up for this. V cool. $10/mo equals beauty products in the mail. “April Birchbox” via Corey Ann

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