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  • Wed, 14:06: The Strangers on FMC. What a ridiculous movie. I actually saw it in the theaters. “Based on true events” What a lie.
  • Wed, 14:08: There’s a difference between “Based on” and “Inspired by.” “Based on” means it rly happened, “inspired by” means you made everything up
  • Wed, 14:20: RT @NOH8Campaign: California State Assembly Approves Ban On ‘Ex-Gay’ Reparative Therapy! #NOH8!
  • Wed, 15:24: 🙂 RT @Pius_Ink: Expanding my body of work with some children’s illustrations. Here’s a sneak! Which character is this?
  • Wed, 15:53: Go check out @Paul_Bowler‘s reviews at Comic books, movies, and television. And yes, Doctor Who
  • Wed, 15:54: 10,000th tweet, 10,000 tweet! Holy crap that’s a lot of tweets. And Altredes part 1 is 10,000 words, and there’s 10,000 jelly beans and…
  • Wed, 16:06: Whenever I see rum, I think Jack Sparrow. Kinda wanna try it. via @FilipSablik. @ Kōloa Rum Company
  • Wed, 17:26: You let me violate you. You let me desicrate you. You let me penetrate you. You let me complicate you. Help me, I’ve broke apart my insides.
  • Wed, 17:26: I’ve got no soul to tell. The only thing that works for me — help me get away from myself — I wanna… “Closer” #NineInchNails
  • Wed, 17:37: I love Oven-Roasted Turkey Spam w/rice, but this… yeah. “An Author Platform Built on SPAM is Doomed to Fall”
  • Wed, 17:40: RT @FilipSablik: @HarperKingsley0 ah! A high quality rum is like a fine scotch or bourbon. Deserves to be sipped straight and savored!
  • Wed, 19:14: RT @happynerdjohn: @HarperKingsley0 Wow, that is a lot of tweets. Nice 🙂
  • Wed, 21:13: I realize I’m kind of nerdy, but that doesn’t mean I know anything about science. In all honesty I’m pretty science stupid.
  • Wed, 23:11: This and That paint can turn your wall into a dry erase board. That’s pretty cool. Says it’s about $30.
  • Thu, 00:20: Just put “Little Shop of Horrors” on. I love musicals so much #Netflix. Moulin Rouge, The Nightmare Before Christmas, My Fair Lady
  • Thu, 00:20: If there’s singing involved, then I’m totally there.
  • Thu, 00:27: OMG, this is supremely awesome. Joystick-It iPad joystick. Now I just need an iPad…
  • Thu, 00:29: RT @beckyblackbooks: @HarperKingsley0 Me too. I gravitated away from science into arts at school & wish I hadn’t. Think it’s wrong t …
  • Thu, 00:35: “I’ve given you sunshine. I’ve given you dirt. You’ve given me nothing but heartache and hurt.”
  • Thu, 00:36: “I’m begging you sweetly, I’m down on my knees, oh please, grow for me.”
  • Thu, 00:40: “I’ve given you sunlight. I’ve given you rain. Looks like you’re not happy less I open a vein.”
  • Thu, 00:40: “I’ll give you a few drops, if that will appease, oh please, grow for me!” #LittleShopOfHorrors #Netflix
  • Thu, 00:47: Her dream of plastic covered furniture… do you think ppl really dreamed of having a house like that? Like that was the future to them
  • Thu, 00:48: I remember watching an infomercial from the 1950s and they went on and on about how we would have antigravity cooking by 1990. :/
  • Thu, 00:52: Nerdgasms had by all. Star Trek and pizza go together like chocolate and awesome.”Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter”
  • Thu, 01:10: “I’m sure I need a long… slow… root canal.” “Get outta here! Go on, get outta here. Just go. Damn sicko”
  • Thu, 01:39: But she’s all stabbed up. He better take her to the hospital #LittleShopOfHorrors #Netflix
  • Thu, 02:08: RT @aspeed: @HarperKingsley0 I’m holding out for the Deep Space Nine Terok Nor apple slicer. #itdbeperfect
  • Thu, 02:10: BRB tomorrow. Goodnight, ya’ll
  • Thu, 08:15: This and That paint I was talking about. V cool. “Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint for Home, School, and Work” from IdeaPaint



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