Moving my blog – but go to the new place for a fun giveaway

If you’re receiving this, you’re subscribed to my WordPress page, but I didn’t want to just transfer all your subscriptions without asking. That seemed just a little rude to me.

That being said, I’ve moved my blog to, though I just had my WordPress account redirected, so you don’t even have to change any bookmarks. You will have to resubscribe though.

To celebrate the move, I’m throwing a Tag Party. Started May 7th, ending May 11th, I’m giving away two copies each of “Heroes & Villains” by Harper Kingsley, “Visions of Blood & Shadow” by Harper Kingsley, and “Echo” by Sol Crafter. Also, a dear author named Andrea Speed is offering a copy of her new book “Infected: Prey.” Also, there’s a $10 gift certificate to Amazon on the line. So go check it out. I’ll wait 🙂

-Harper Kingsley


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