Me-date. As in, what’s up in the world of me

Kdrama: Found a ton of Korean movies on YouTube (no, I’m not going to list the links. They’re just on there and I didn’t have to do any work to find them.) I was really pleased and I caught some movies I haven’t otherwise had a chance to watch, so that’s pretty cool.

Anyways, because of some of the shows I’ve seen, I’ve been struck by some amazing inspiration πŸ™‚Β  Just general concepts I’ve been putting together in my brain. That’s what happens when you see a whole bunch of eye candy working together in one TV show or movie.

Personal Woes: I need to stop obsessively checking my Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because every time I do, I get my feelings hurt when I find out someone’s de-followed me ;9_9;

It’s kind of crazy just how sensitive I am to something I really should be able to just shrug off. But I guess I’m more delicate than I like to pretend.

What I’m Working On: I’m putting “Pomegranate 01” together and I’m hopeful it will be available for purchase soon *fingers crossed* Right now it’s comprised of “The Hand of Ares,” “And A Single Petal Fell,” “Daisy,” “LeNoir,” and I’m deciding whether I want to include “Icarus.” When it’s all ready, it should be a pretty mean mix of fiction πŸ™‚ I just have to get a cover on it (sounds like that Beyonce song, doesn’t it?)

Working on the story I’m publicly calling “Band!Fic” which should be a nice mm piece. Thinking about whether I want to pub it myself, or send it out. My only problem is that I’m mildly incompetent at talking to new people or being judged, which makes submitting my stuff near to impossible (I’m thinking about taking up Xanex or something, though all the side effects scare the crap out of me hardcore.)

Still, Band!Fic is coming along crazy fast. I literally wrote 5000 words in an hour and I’ve developed a ton of back story that I can sprinkle throughout. I still haven’t made up my mind about whether I want it to be by me, Harper Kingsley, or if it’s going to be “Sol Crafter.” The problem is that I honestly have a hard time writing any kind of sex stuff — I’ll write a scene and it always just seems to awkward and semi-awful to me that I want to hide the story away. So I kind of want Band!Fic to be a Sol Crafter piece, but I worry about how people are going to take the lack of overt sex. There’s hints so far and sweet romance, but it’s pretty PG right now and I’m thinking it’s probably going to stay that way — which should make it a good choice for a gay YA read.

Round Up: Writing, writing, hanging out, reading, writing. That’s basically it.

I’m not going to give anyone a set date for publications, mostly because I’m so bad at keeping to deadlines. I’m terrible about it, in fact. It’s one of the greatest shames of my life. But I will say that these will all be coming out in 2012, so follow the blog to get the heads up or Like my Facebook page because stuff usually shows up there.

Vedran’s Hand” – The Duel is approaching, Dragon is being stupid, Vedran is the Emperor, and someone is staging a coup. And, btw, I’m kind of falling hard for Kameris, who was only supposed to be a secondary character, but is quickly becoming a favorite. mm fantasy, novel.
The Brand” – Tensions are rising between Pen, Wrath, and Ilis. Plus, the assassination attempts are starting to get pretty serious. Yeah, it’s totally that harem thing, and I might be biased, but I think it’s getting pretty good. mm fantasy, novel.
Fiends” – The fiend Teablossom is a jerk, but a very charming one. And it’s always kind of beautiful when someone finds out they really do have a heart, even if it’s small and black like a coal. mm romance, novella.
Allies & Enemies” – Book two of “Heroes & Villains.” The continuation of Vereint’s adventures as a superhero turned supervillain turned regular Joe turned… well. Starts with a BANG! ends with a whim… BANG! And I would just like to note that Vereint is a total BAMF in this, like scarily so. superhero adventure, mm, novel.


3 thoughts on “Me-date. As in, what’s up in the world of me

  1. Cool! Say would you sell the Heroes and Villians series in a pack or something? Cause I want to grab them all in one go. I actually like paper backs better than kindle or something. They’re my new favorites now πŸ™‚ You should one day just make a book titled: The shortstories that were never told of Heroes and Villians and just add The Wedding, The Origins, etc..

    • The “Heroes & Villains” trilogy are each a full-length novel — 120K+(!!!) I might put them together as an ebook set, but for paperbacks they’d each have to be separate. Otherwise that would be one monster book.

      I have been planning on putting all my superhero shorts together in collections when I offer them for print. I’ve been thinking of calling it “Capes” or something, I don’t know yet πŸ™‚ I just like writing superhero stories ^^

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