Ramblings: reviews

“I don’t want to give anyone a bad review, but that last story was just stupid.” That was totally my first response. Then, for like the first time ever, I stopped and thought about what I’d just said, and I honestly felt bad.

Now that I’ve started publishing my own things, I’ve started worrying about reviews and how my stories will be received by the world. As a result of that, I’ve been getting more and more careful about how I talk about someone else’s book, because I wouldn’t want anyone to speak ill of mine.

Someone’s book could be absolutely brain shatteringly terrible, and I’ve begun to hesitate saying anything about it because I don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings.

God, but I am currently deploring the upbringing my parents gave me and this overabundance of shame. Without it, I could totally be that guy just saying whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want.

That would be totally bad ass.

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