FAMILY GUY: Brian Griffin & Jillian Russel [If they were real people]

Okay, so Brian is a complete and total idiot.

*Jillian was wonderful.*

Sure, she wasn’t the smartest of people, but she was warm and caring and really loved him. She seemed like she would be incredibly loyal too, so he would have never had to worry about her cheating on him. She also seemed to be in some way financially independent — she had money for nice clothes, her own apartment, etc. So she might have either had a stable job that paid her well, or some kind of family money. Any way you look at it, she was able to take care of herself and seemed really awesome.

Brian might not have been able to have intellectual conversations with her, but that’s what he has Stewie for. He could have had Jillian for all the comforting relaxing things he’s always trying to get from Lois (you know, like when he talked about her all sweetly when they went to get his award), then he’s got Stewie for the witty conversation.

Brian is kind of a douche bag. I love him because he’s a fluffy looking white dog, but if he were a real guy – I’m with Quagmire in thinking he’s a pretentious dick head.

He went out of his way to make his relationship with Jillian not work. Then he spends the rest of forever whining about how he’s so lonely.

I think the best thing for Jillian was breaking up with Brian. She was a very sweet girl and Brian was an asshole checking out other women and treating her like crap.

He ridiculed Jillian for her stupidity, then got so upset when his intelligence was questioned by [that girl from the “Hills”] (sic) that I was just like “Ha, in your face asshole!”

I just hate the thought that there are guys out there that treat real girls like that and think it’s okay. Some guy has a really great girl, then starts shopping around and breaks up with her, then whines about it when her life turns out way better later.

It’s like, dude: “Greener pastures don’t always mean happier days.” So quit your bitching and deal with the fact that you threw away the best thing you’ll ever have and it’s your own damn fault. I hate that kind of thing in bad romance movies, and I hate it even more in real life.

Sometimes you should just stick with what you have. Happiness is its own reward.


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