EXCERPT: Facet of Empire: Sapphire #amwriting

I thought I would revisit my sci-fi epic. I work on these stories every once and awhile; hardcore space opera, baby, the only opera I enjoy.

They’re badly in need of editing and I need some smart sci-fi brain to go over them because I’m not sure what’s possible or not and my way of writing has changed since I started the series. Still, they’ve always been my favorites šŸ™‚

Title: Sapphire
genre: sci-fi
series: Facet of Empire

Summary: Sapphire is brought to the prison planet Hades to find the notorious muderer William Hedell.

Excerpt of “Sapphire”

It was a little frightening, heading into the unknown by himself, but as long as he put one foot in front of the other he would be able to carry on and do what had to be done.

Sapphire tapped into all of the manic energy he had ever possessed, let it thrum through his mind and body until even the most insensitive person could sense it around him. They wouldn’t be able to explain what it was about him that frightened them so, but it was right there under the surface of his skin, poisoning the air around him.

Where he was going, he knew that the only weapon he was openly allowed to show was the insanity he would feign. So he would have to make sure to create enough of an impression that he wouldn’t be mobbed by the prisoners the minute the guards left him.


He didn’t really want to hurt anyone, but his father had given him a task to perform… and he would complete it to the best of his abilities.


The floor of the transport vibrated under his feet as it carried them out of the frozen night, crossing the invisible barrier of temperature extremes. Freezing cold to sweltering heat, finally to end up in the murderous nightmare that was Hades. A place where nothing human could ever hope to survive outside of the rigorously controlled prison compound.


Sapphire felt sweat forming between his shoulder-blades, making his single-suit uncomfortably sticky. Nervousness churned in his belly and he knew more than anything that he didn’t want to step into the mouth of Hades.


He wanted to yell out that he didn’t belong here. He wanted to break cover and reveal who he was and let them hustle him back to his ship so he could go home where he belonged, where everything was safe and controlled and the love of his father was a dull warmth at the heart of his world, beating with perfect time at the back of his mind.


But he refused to allow himself the weakness of admitting defeat. He had a job to do, and he wasn’t going to be deterred by the simple fact that he was afraid to be alone.


Sapphire drew in a slow, controlled breath, letting it fill up his lungs. He held it there for as long as he could, then let it out in a steady flow.


He would do his duty and he wouldn’t allow any kind of petty fear stand in his way.


He channeled all of the darkest minds he’d ever dealt with and stood with a mad smile twitching on his lips. His body trembled slightly with barely controlled energy; it created an air of danger.


The shuttle landed with a resounding thump–it seemed that no extra expense had been added to the transports design. It was a wonder their journey had been as smooth as it had been at all.


He allowed the guards to close their hands around his upper arms and tug him toward the hatch.



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