She saw a woman open her car door and step out. Brown fur trimmed boots, dark blue skinny jeans hung so low half of her naked butt was showing, a baby blue sweater, an attractive face with dark red lips and sunglasses, all topped with a mass of riotous dark curls. The woman’s head turned, her arm extending so her hand could rest on the car door, and her hair whipped around in a smooth brown curtain. In that moment, in that light, the woman was beautiful.

“Ew, butt crack,” she said, laughing. As she watched, the woman looked around, then ducked back into her gray sedan. The door quietly closed behind her.

“Really, you can see someone’s butt crack?” Bill asked, looking up.

“You missed it.” She felt kind of bad for him. The young woman really had been quite pretty. He’d really missed out. Not that she would ever say anything about it to him. It would be too weird.


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