RE: Season of the Witch [movie]

Really not all that bad. For serious.

We were sitting around mid-week, completely bored out of our minds (or at least, some of us were. Others were watching kdramas on Hulu and dreaming about flying to Korea to corrupt some youth.) Anyways, my dad put on “Season of the Witch,” a movie that had been on our Instant Queue for a ridiculous amount of time.

The movie opens up with the killing of a bunch of women accused of witchcraft and just keeps right on rolling. There was like no let up at all, it was just this fast-paced ride through a countryside ravaged by the Black Plague. And Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and his guy, Felson (Ron Perlman), are hot out of the Crusades and are charged with helping transport an accused witch for persecution.

If all the swinging of swords and chopping off of limbs in the first fifteen minutes didn’t catch your attention, that’s about when things went full-on action movie. There’s hallucinations, murder, mutilation, a crazed bridge crossing, and at the end of it all… yeah, I’m not going to ruin it for you. (If you want to ruin it for yourself, use the Internet. That’s what it’s there for: ruining the endings of good movies.)

So if you want to watch a movie, eat some popcorn, and maybe have something to yell about with your friends, check out “Season of the Witch.” It’s on Netflix streaming right now, if that’s what you’ve got.



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