TV SHOW: Coffee House [Korean]

Coffee House
Directed by: Pyo Min-Soo
Starring: Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo, Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young, Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon, and Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won

Synopsis taken from DramaWiki:   Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea, and has a long-time friendship with her. Jin Soo has lots of fans, especially female ones, and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman… but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic, has lots of strange habits, and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is. On top of that, there is also the return of Han Ji Won, Eun Young’s ex-fiance, whom she despises. Ji Won tries to win Eun Young back, but she has her eyes set on Jin Soo.


I absolutely and uninhibitedly hated this drama. I should have just walked away from this train wreck the minute I saw the main character’s messed up hair, the dirty way she dressed, and the rude way she slurped up noodles while customers were waiting. The whole toilet scene did not make it any better.

She definitely did not come off as cute to me, especially her pop-eyed looks and complete and utter brainlessness. She was supposed to give the feel of being young, naive, and just coming into adulthood. Instead, she was brash, disgusting, and I was left with this sense of profound dislike. The mushroom haircut she sports through most of the show does not help anything, though she does clean up pretty nice in the second part. Still, she’s a tool. She’s chasing after a guy that’s way too old for her, gets a kick out of treating her like crap, and basically uses her as his personal toilet.

The male lead was a dick, but he at least had a bit of depth. Even if he used that depth to be even more of an illogical dick. Plus, he had no problem with emotionally abusing a rather stupid teenaged girl, and actually seemed to really get off on it.

Give this one a pass. Super stupid, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up frothing with rage.

rating: 1

Watched it on Hulu.


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