HUMBOLDT, CA: my advice to all you colonists out there, ’cause people totally lie

So okay, though I come across as very sheltered and I tend to play that up, I have had a few adventurous escapades in my past. Not too adventurous, mind you, but just a little out there.

I thought I would offer some advice if you come to the decision to go to Humboldt. I’m not going to talk anything about share-cropping or farm maintenance or anything like that. Though you might find some helpful information if you know what you’re looking for. And big dogs make the best pets.

Where to live: Garberville is a pretty cool area. Redway was a bit rough, but still acceptable. Shelter Cove… was awful. And that’s what we’re going to focus on now.

Shelter Cove is a very closed community, so there’s a good chance you’re going to rub people the wrong way without even doing anything. On top of that, the weather there is pretty detrimental if you want to get anything done. The ocean’s right there, so it’s always cold and foggy and when it’s sunny and bright on the mountains and beyond, Shelter Cove is cold and miserable. Good chance for fungal growth.

It is like 40 minutes from Shelter Cove to Garberville, then another hour to anything approaching civilization. Also, Shelter Cove is run by a resort development committee or Red. What does that mean? They can pretty much charge you anything they want for electricity, gas, internet, etc, etc. You can go broke pretty quick if you decide to live in town there. And the grocery store is enough to break you.

First and last months rent, deposits for gas and electricity and garbage service, and deposits for whatever amount of property you want to get… it all adds up and you could end up spending $$$ just moving in. Then you find out that those 60 degree days don’t last much more than a couple of weeks and the weather actually really sucks there. As in, snow on the mountain can cut off the pass and you’re stuck there. Or fog and overriding damp can wreck your crops, like strawberry blight to the nth degree.

The land between Garberville and Shelter Cove gets a lot of sun and is really very beautiful, just so you know.

Plus, if you have any kids, they’ll be making an HOUR long bus ride to Redway school. And if there’s ever a day you get called to pick them up early… it’s the most miserable thing ever. Especially considering you have to drive a two-lane road up a mountain that becomes a one-lane in some spots and has a treacherous drop off that will see you DEAD. For reals. And everyone drives like an asshole and they have no problem trying to ram their car/truck right into the back of your vehicle if you don’t get out of the way.

I had to replace my brakes twice. And the ocean air rusts EVERYTHING.

Humboldt is a nice area if you’re into that kind of thing. Hippies EVERYWHERE and hitchhiking seems to be the main mode of transportation for a lot of people. Nearly everyone is cash poor, but arrangements can be made for service and trade. And Garberville does have a coin laundry, which Shelter Cove does NOT.

Good luck. May your endeavors be prosperous.

And buy whatever equipment you need before you move there, otherwise the prices will kill you dead. Like whoa.


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