#amwriting Or at least, I’m *trying* to write. Too bad the world keeps sucking me away :(

Bought the Blu Ray of “Kingdom of Heaven.” It’s such a great movie that I can’t believe it didn’t do any better in the theater. It must have looked truly awesome on the big screen. Beautiful scenery, an engaging story, and Orlando Bloom was incredibly hot in this movie; Liam Neeson wasn’t too bad either for an old dude ^_^; Lots of sword action and the extended edition has a whole sidestory that is pretty fascinating too.

Anyways, badly trying to write, but I’ve been easily distracted for the last TWO MONTHS. It’s the worst thing ever. No matter what I try to do, every little thing just creeps into my head and has me going “I’ll get back to writing later.” Which I don’t until the next day and I’m totally behind on my word counts which makes me very very sad 😦

I think what I honestly need is private work space. As it is, people are always trying to talk to me while I’m writing and telling me all kinds of stupid things that I don’t really care about. But I just don’t want to say anything because that would be rude, so I just kind of put up with it. Also, please stop making so much noise when you eat. There’s no way I want to hear a constant stream of “Um, yum, um, nom, nom, nom” like all the time. So gross.

Now that I’ve gotten that bit of angst off my chest, here’s a life update (or something like it):

Working on:
The Brand [HK] m/m sci-fi/fantasy.
Fiends [SC] m/m supernatural.
Hyacinth [HK] m/f contemporary.
Altredes [LB] m/f fantasy.

Also I’m working on some stuff for anthologies. I’ll keep the world apprised of what’s going on.


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