Upcoming covers

Here are some covers for what’s coming up. Opinions, anyone?

book cover: Anteros  book cover: Hermaphroditus

book cover: Ares Unbound  book cover: Hyacinth

book cover: Psiren's Call  book cover: Altredes

ANTEROS [Sol Crafter]–mm contemporary
Metamorphosis Volume 01: HERMAPHRODITUS [Linnea Kingsley]–fantasy. genderbent
Metamorphosis Volume 02: ARES UNBOUND [Linnea Kingsley]–fantasy. genderbent
HYACINTH [Harper Kingsley]–contemporary romance. crossdressing
PSIREN’S CALL [Harper Kingsley]–superhero. some ff content
ALTREDES [Lisa Bailey]–contemporary fantasy. crossdressing

At some point, I may be looking for beta readers, you know, just as something to mention.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming covers

  1. Tweeted, and Google+’d! The covers look great and you have yourself quite a fantastic site here. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow. I look forward to being of service to you. 🙂

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