Anyone want a copy of “Ersatz,” available soon? mm contemporary romance

So, this little thing I’ve been working on, “Ersatz,” will be available soon for $0.99 purchase. It’s a short piece, though it’s wormed its way into my black little heart.

I’m looking to give away 10 free epub copies, so if anyone’s interested, just leave a comment and I’ll email you back.

by Sol Crafter

“So, what’s it like being in an ersatz homosexual relationship?”
“What?” His head whipped around so he could stare at Julie in surprise.

Cast of characters (just the mains, baby):
John–our MC. Comes across to others as the strong silent type, but since we’re following this story with him, we get more of a view of the inner workings of his mind.
Charlie–can be somewhat goofy, he’s a good guy and John’s happy to call him his best friend and roommate.
Neidelmeyer–the friend that’s always willing to mooch off the people around him.
Julie–the rather intrusive girlfriend of one of their friends.

One innocent question, and the lives of two friends are completely changed forever.

"book cover: Ersatz"
book cover: Ersatz, by Sol Crafter

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