What I’m doing and NOT doing now

This month has been one in which I have not wanted to do much at all, which is ridiculous since I’m supposed to be participating in NaNoWriMo. Still, I have been trying my best, and that is all a person can ever do.

I made new covers for “Heroes & Villains” and “Blood Wine,” so if you’ve already purchased them you should go get the updated covers. They look like this:

"Heroes & Villains book cover"  "Blood Wine book cover"

I am currently working on a print edit of “Heroes & Villains.” I have taken into consideration all of the things people have told me about the novel, so some things will be cut, some things will be added, and in the end I’m fairly hopeful it will be a much stronger story for it. Honestly though, I love it just the way it is (just as though it were an exceedingly ugly child that I still hold out to people begging to have him admired.)

Any way you look at it, I really like the new covers I’ve made, and I’m going to make a new cover for “The Wedding,” seeing as the one it currently has is rather silly. I’m also making covers for “From Diamond to Coal,” “Allies & Enemies,” “The Panic Pure,” and “Emily.” Hopefully they won’t look too terrible. (I have the eye of an artist, but the skill of a 10 year old with a bootleg copy of PhotoShop. That is, I do the best with the skill set I have, and I think I’m getting better, but who knows.)


Tuesday Night–Writing “Tuesday Night” as I can, though it’s somehow morphed into a completely different story. From PWP? story where Sunfire helps sooth Teen Steel’s grief, to possible kid!fic, though I’m still not a hundred percent I even want to go in that direction. There’s a brief het scene between Teen Steel and Solar that just seemed to flow out of my fingers and Sunfire walked in on some stuff he didn’t want to see, but that’s basically it so far. Still working on it.

The Panic Pure–Okay, so I’ve shot some people, I’ve had my baddie eat some people, and now the hero of the day is off to save our MC from becoming the next victim (oops, spoiler alert!) I’ve tossed in some pretty heavy back story (child abuse, anxiety issues, etc, etc). I’m working on building the relationship stuff to something manageable without going completely over the top, especially when you consider what else is all going on in the background.

Just Another Titanic Tuesday–Vereint has everything, but more than anything he wants a happiness he’s never managed to find. So when the portal opens up in front of him, of course he’s going to go through. Still in the sketching stage.

Tears of Blood & Glory–Of Blood series. All right, what can I possibly say about this? Very frustrating. Very, very frustrating. I’ve got the beginnings of the war, I’ve introduced a character called “Reaper” who is practically indestructible and enjoys killing stuff, a lot. The aliens–the Remani–are building up a whole society for themselves that’s actually pretty bad ass. There’s been tons of deaths, and I’m afraid it’s going to turn into a guerrilla action between humans and aliens.

Allies & Enemies–Anything I say here would end up spoiling a lot of the story. I’m honestly afraid that a lot of people are going to be mad at me, but it’s the way things have always been planned out. It’s a pretty serious trilogy: “Heroes & Villains,” “Allies & Enemies,” and “All That Remains.” I feel like I should put out “Origins: Blue Ice” before I release Allies to the public at large.


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